Tradition, simplicity and highest quality products

The name of our restaurant is a declaration of intent; fish, seafood and rice dishes are specialties that are cooked daily in our kitchens.
In our cuisine there is a gourmet directive: to cook with the highest quality ingredients. That’s why, every day, we go to the port to buy the best fresh fish and seafood, as none of the products we use come from fish farms.
In our kitchen, simple and traditional recipes are cooked daily with the genuine taste of premium products. This is what has made us one of the top seafood and rice restaurants in Barcelona.
We are proud to say that the best fresh salt baked fish can be tasted in Els Peixaters. And our rice with lobster, seafood paella and rice stews have legions of followers.
With seafood cuisine, flavour and texture are critical, and that’s why our recipes don’t include many elaborate sauces or dressings; our daily menus and dishes depend on what gifts the sea has to offer.